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About Me

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I am an enthusiastic and talented designer. Like many design professionals I love art and have an eye for design, however what sets me apart is my innate understanding of logical reasoning, which translates into a knack for web development. Beyond this, I have been interested in usability since before I knew what "user experience" was and my background in Psychology and Philosophy have given me a heightened sensitivity to the user.

Growing up I was the kid with colored pencils and a stack of printer paper while my friends were playing outside. However, I used to consider art as a hobby rather than a career, so there was a time when I wanted to be a psychologist. I went to Clark University in Worcester, MA where I graduated with honors. Although the subject of psychology still interests me deeply I came to realize that a career in the field just does not excite me the way a creative career does.

During my undergraduate education I discovered two other subjects that piqued my interest, philosophy and design. I love philosophy for its scrupulous logical reasoning, complex musings on questions most wouldn't bother to ask, but mostly because it challenged me intellectually in a way that I had rarely experienced before. I was recognized for outstanding work in many of my philosophy classes, but where I really stood out was formal logic, which is a skill that seemed frivolous at the time but has since proven very useful in coding.

Design is what ultimately brought my hobby, interests and talents together. I took my first graphic design class by chance because it was one of the few art classes that fit into the gaps in my schedule (and I always filled the gaps with art classes), but it did not take long for me to realize that I had stumbled upon the career that is perfectly suited to me- creative, visual problem solving with a sensitivity to users and consumers is right up my alley!

Design, code, UX & ....

  • Travelling and experiencing other cultures is very important to me. Most recently I spent 2 weeks in Senegal, which was a truely eye-opening experience.
  • I LOVE fashion, absolutely love it!
  • I've been known to get really, really sucked into certain TV dramas. "Lost" was probably the first show that I actually felt addicted to, but since then the list has grown to include "The Wire" (yeah, me and everyone else, I know), "Boardwalk Empire," "Mad Men" and "Game of Thrones."
  • I really enjoy cooking, although I rarely work directly from a recipe because I prefer to experiment.
  • I was a vegetarian for 4 years. It was surprisingly easy to maintain while it lasted, but now I can't imagine going back.
  • Secretly I enjoy taking the T. Although I'll readily participate in any conversation about why the T is the worst, deep down I feel very independent when I navigate public transit.
  • I'm really into coffee and even have my own espresso machine.


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Web Design Portfolio

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Graphic Design Portfolio

image of project in which I designed a poster series for firefly sweet tea vodka. The series includes a bus shelter poster, a billboard, and a bus-side poster. image of project in which I designed a poster series for firefly sweet tea vodka. The series includes a bus shelter poster, a billboard, and a bus-side poster. images of front, back and interior pages of a newsletter designed for BU Center for Digital Imaging Arts image of DVD and DVD cover designs for a press kit for the documentry film 'Calling My Children' by David Binder image of press kit elements for the documentry film 'Calling My Children', which includes a hand-written synopsis of the film from the director as well as some pictures from the film with information about the cast and crew on the back. These are enclosed within a large envelope. image of a type specimen that I designed for the typeface Optima. image of logo and stationary designed based off of my original logo and brand identity design for the Breakfast Club image of logo and stationary design for Tanya Lombardo, who is an aspiring photographer image of three poster series for the American Mustache Institute, which highlights the personality of the mustaches. image of two of the mustache posters in enviornments, one on a bus shelter and another on a building